5 Tips to Create a More Sustainable Skincare Routine

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Adopting a more sustainable lifestyle can be a slow process and doesn’t have to be done overnight! We understsnd that it takes a lot of research and shifts in one’s lifestyle to use less and reuse more.

That’s why, in honour of October 27th being Sustainability Day, we are sharing the top 5 tips to help you create a more sustainable skincare routine.

1. Focus on brands that prioritize natural and organic processes

While there are lots of different skincare products and brands vying for your attention,

you’ll want to focus on the brands that promote sustainable packaging, ingredients, production methods, and habits within their organization and to their customers.

Sustainable brands should practice what they preach and also act as a source of guidance for their customers, to ensure sustainable practices are followed from the moment you buy their product, to the last drop.

If you’re ever wondering how to find a sustainable skincare brand, make sure you check their ingredients list for natural and ethically sourced ingredients. You can also check their website or social media channels to understand their values, culture, and practices.

Soon, you’ll have a fully sustainable skincare routine.

2. Use products that are vegan & cruelty-free

Unfortunately, there are still too many skincare brands that use animal by-products in their production or even test on animals.

This is incredibly cruel and should never be a brand that you support or include in your skincare routine.

Utilizing products that have never been tested on animals and are made with 100% vegan ingredients is a surefire way to leave you, your skin, and the environment happy with your skincare routine.

3. Avoid products with artificial colours and fragrances

Not only are artificial colours and fragrances harsh on your skin, but they can be harmful to the environment. When old products are thrown away or washed down the drain, their ingredients can leak into waterways, soil, and our groundwater. Over time, the build-up of these chemicals can be dangerous to both local wildlife and people.

To avoid the contamination of these chemicals in our environment, it is best to avoid products with artificial ingredients altogether and instead, opt for skincare that is made with 100% natural ingredients.

4. Adopt a minimalist approach to skincare

When it comes to an effective and sustainable skincare routine, you really only need a few products.

All too often, we tend to buy multiple products, even purchasing the same item from different brands in order to “try out” different formulas. While there is nothing wrong with experimenting with skincare to find the right product for you, using too many products at once means you are buying more and therefore causing skincare companies to produce more.

Refrain from trying out too many products at once and stick to a few key staple products to reduce your environmental impact.

5. Use all of your product

In line with the point above, using too many products at once or being careless with your skincare may mean you are throwing out a perfectly good product. This is not only very wasteful but can lead to more skincare chemicals being thrown away and added into the environment.

Instead, focus on using a select few products from your favourite sustainable and natural skincare brand, so you can remain confident that while you are using less, you are getting more value and benefits from your sustainable skincare routine.


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