The Ultimate Skincare Gift Guide for 2021

Believe it or not, it’s already time to start planning out your wish list, or figuring out what you’re going to give to others this holiday season.

When it comes to navigating what skincare products you should set your sights on, there are some obvious winners and must-haves this season. To make your gift-giving (or boxing day shopping) super easy, we’ve compiled a list of the top skincare products you need to add to your list ASAP!

1. An ultrasonic pore extractor

I think we all have seen a few of the pore extraction videos online. Not only is it a little satisfying (and disgusting!), but regular extractions are beneficial for your skin.

For the facial-lover in your life, an ultrasonic pore extractor can be an incredibly helpful tool to effectively clear pores without causing damage to the skin. Opening up pores, clearing toxins, and removing dead skin not only helps skin appear brighter and reduces breakouts, but it can also help your toner and moisturizer enter your skin with ease to do their job.

This is a surefire pleaser for any skincare fan, allowing them to save on monthly facials and experience spa-quality skincare from the comfort of their home.

2. A cold facial massage tool

The key to reducing redness, puffiness, and increasing circulation in the skin is with a cold facial, but we don’t always have the time, patience, or funds to receive an icy cold facial from a professional every month.

Instead, give your skincare fanatic an ice facial massage tool so they can experience a luxurious facial and elevate their glow whenever they want.

While this tool can take a bit of a learning curve and may not be the preferred type of facial for everyone, true skin care experts will be all over this top skincare tool of the season.

3. A complete facial kit

For those who want to experience a full facial at home whenever they please, giving a complete facial kit can be the ultimate dream gift.

From a toner, to a massager, to a peel and a moisturizer, there are a wide variety of facial kits to choose from and customize to meet the unique needs of whoever you’re purchasing a gift for this season.

This gift can definitely be a significant investment but is the key to the ultimate skincare experience from home and is an excellent gift idea for those who are a big fan of luxury, or simply are looking for extra help with keeping their skin clear, healthy and happy.

4. A lip care set

We tend to forget that our lips also require some essential skincare and as the weather gets colder and drier, our lips are more likely to crack and become chapped.

To help those on your holiday gift list show their lips some love this season, consider adding a lip care set to your shopping cart.

Try to find a lip care set that includes a lip scrub, balm and overnight mask to heal chapped lips, remove dead skin and keep lips buttery soft no matter how cold it gets outside.

5. A natural moisturizer

We can’t compile the ultimate skincare gift guide of 2021 without including our natural shea butter body creams.

As winter creeps upon us and the weather outside gets a little more frightful, it’s time to stock up on some essential moisture and give your loved ones natural products that will keep their skin smooth, glowing, and hydrated all year round.

Made with only the best organic shea butter, cocoa beans, coconut, and maple syrup, our body cream is optimal for reducing dry skin, irritation, stretch marks, and eczema for the whole family.


This holiday season, let Blissful Glo help you take care of everyone on your holiday shopping list.

To get a head start on your gift-giving, check out our wide range of naturally scented and sustainable shea butter body creams.

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