Made with our classic shea and vitamin-e-rich cocoa butter base to replenish and hydrate skin, this limited edition holiday body cream is elevated with the classic scents of the holiday season.


Take a stroll through a brisk, snow-clad coniferous forest with notes of refreshing Siberian fir needle, woodsy juniper berry, and warm cassia, along with the hydration and essential nutrients that come from our 100% pure oils. With a fresh scent, Noelle '21 is sure to be your go-to for nutrient-dense hydration all winter long.


Packed with omega-6 fatty acids from the pomegranate seed oil, Noelle '21’s protective properties will keep your skin and hair nourished, shiny, and soft no matter what the winter months throw at you. Fortified with rich emollients, Noelle '21 is taking the bite out of the winter wind to provide you with smooth and soothed skin.


This holiday season, give yourself the Gift of Glo and bundle up with Noelle ‘21 for the healthiest hair and skin all year long. With no chemicals, additives, and handmade in Canada, it’s time to Glo naturally and celebrate the season with our new festive fragrance.

Noelle '21 100mL

Excluding GST/HST
  • Safe for all skin types

    Moisturizing - Won’t make your skin oily

    Anti-inflammatory – Antioxidant – Antibacterial - Antifungal

    Helps boost collagen production and promote cell regeneration

    Helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scarring

    Helps soothe conditions like eczema, itchy skin