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How to Embrace

Blissful Glo At-Home 

and Walk Your Own Path

While Expecting


That means CHOOSING to watch your growing baby on your own, anytimeanywhere in a very conscious way with the Blissful Glo At-Home approach.

Here is what you'll receive

with Blissful Glo At-Home:


Save/Share Unlimited Amount of Images/Videos of Your Growing Baby Anytime, Anywhere

Watch Your Baby's Heartbeat Whenever You Want on any Android, Apple or Windows Mobile Devices

Showcase Your Baby Live at Your Gender Reveal Party or Baby Shower

Delivery/Pick Up at Your Home or Our Location

24/7 Support from an Expert - over 15,000 Non-medical Ultrasounds

Safety is Our Top Priority

How Does Blissful Glo

At-Home Approach Work:


Educate Yourself - Watch 3 Blissful Glo At-Home Instructional Videos (only 25 minutes)

Rent Blissful Glo At-Home Device for 5 Days

Choose from 10 Pickup/Delivery Locations


Safety is Our Top Priority

How It Works
What You Get


Watch "Simplified User Manual” video #1 - 4 minutes Crash Course about how to operate Blissful Glo At-Home Viewing/Recording Device.


Watch "Elevate with 1-on-1 Blissful Glo Coaching video #2 - 10 minutes, designed to help you navigate Blissful Glo At-Home device by yourself.



Watch “Gain an Understanding of Your Growing Baby” video #3 - 12 minutes, Crash Course about Fetal Ultrasounds.

Why Choose Us




Once I found a good spot I could see her moving around and was able to make out the arms and legs!



I tried again this morning and got him right away! Much easier now, with your coaching.

Blissful Glo At-Home 5 Day Rental Availablility - June 6 to June 11 (Thursday to Tuesday) - June 13 to June 18 (Thursday to Tuesday) - June 20 to June 25 (Thursday to Tuesday) - June 27 to July 2 (Thursday to Tuesday) - July 4 to July 9 (Thursday to Tuesday) - July 11 to July 16 (Thursday to Tuesday) - August 8 to August 13 (Thursday to Tuesday) - August 22 to August 27 (Thursday to Tuesday) - August 29 to September 3 (Thursday to Tuesday)

About Us

We lead with HEART

Humble, Energetic, Authentic, Remarkable, Transparent.

Mission Statement

To bring authentic, natural products and coherent services to the world.

Vision Statement

To make every human being on planet earth to Glo with natural Bliss.

Contact Us
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6150 Valley Way #109

Niagara Falls, ON L2E 1Y3  /  Tel. 647-768-9732

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