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We hope you love your Blissful Glo products. If you are unsatisfied for any reason though, we offer 14 days money back guarantee with no hassle returns. You only cover the cost of return shipping.

All you have to do is contact us, ship the product back to us in its original/unopened form and we take care of the rest.



All items displayed on the Blissful Glo website for sale state their full retail price. This price sometimes reflects our calculated price based on industry standard. Our sale items will be displayed reflecting the discounted price in the case a discount code hasn't been offered to customers.

Every so often human error occurs and something may not be right. In this case, we endeavor to contact you straight away and adjust or correct the issue. If you notice something that looks incorrect, don't hesitate to contact us directly and we can rectify the problem.

In the instance of an underpriced item advertised on the site, we will contact you and you are entitled to cancel or continue with your adjusted order.


The customer is solely responsible for the use of their account and all passwords and information attached to the account.

The customer agrees that all information supplied on the account that represents your relationship with Blissful Glo Inc. is true and correct.

If Blissful Glo Inc. feels that inaccurate or false information has been supplied or your account has been violated, your account may be terminated by Blissful Glo Inc. 


Blissful Glo Inc. strives to maintain a clear level of communication on the site and utilizes imagery to display our available product.

We at Blissful Glo Inc. write our own descriptions on the products. Occasionally there may be a discrepancy with an item or the color of the image etc.

If you are having difficulty with a certain product not being as described, please contact us and return it in new condition so we can process a refund, credit or exchange for you.

The user of Blissful Glo products is solely responsible for determining fitness for any particular use; requesting and reviewing the applicable Safety Data Sheet; and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.



Blissful Glo Inc. is aligned with Canada/US Post who ensures you get the most efficient shipping possible. The majority of door deliveries we do are done to your door steps in 2-5 days on Mondays, yay!

Blissful Glo Inc. does NOT cover the cost of return shipping. All Blissful Glo items to be shipped/returned to Blissful Glo Inc., 6150 Valley Way #109, Niagara Falls ON L2E 1Y3. Please provide a satisfactory email address with physical address as it is preferable to a PO Box, although we can send to a PO Box if need be. The only time you may experience a delay is during Public Holidays or if there is an unexpected interruption due to weather or a breakdown. Communication with Blissful Glo Inc. is thorough and easy, you will be able to contact Blissful Glo Inc. online and we will respond within 24hrs.

Otherwise, contact us at 1.866.417.7335 and we can follow this up for you.

Shipping within Canada: We currently ship anywhere in Canada.

International: We currently ship anywhere in the USA and do not ship outside of Canada or USA.

Blissful Glo Inc. will not be held accountable for the misjudged arrival of items and the stated time frame provides an indication only.

Please be aware that items bought online over the weekend or on a Public Holiday may take an extra day or two for processing and delivery.

We do not accept cancellations once your order is processed.


If any packages are completely lost in transit during the course of our delivery, we will replace or refund the item. 

If you are returning an item which may be faulty, or an exchange, please know that we do not take any responsibility for items lost in the post.

We recommend a track and trace method to ensure this doesn't happen; your item cannot be processed for an exchange or a refund if it goes missing.

The expense of return shipping is that of the customers, your initial order including shipping will be refunded if you are being reimbursed. Thanks!


Blissful Glo Inc. wants to assure you that the details you provide are 100% confidential and will not be passed on to any dodgy spam set-up or third party.

Your information will be kept secure and private at all times and we do not keep records of your credit card information.

We respect your privacy and use your information to ensure a smooth transaction from purchase through to delivery.

The details you provide us are used to enhance your experience with Blissful Glo and keep you up to date with the latest up and coming events, promotions and releases. You can disable this option at any time by contacting us.


All Blissful Glo photography and marketing content is created by Blissful Glo Inc. and their team of creatives.  Blissful Glo Inc. would like to state that all images, text and imagery featured on our website belong to us Blissful Glo Inc. as intellectual property. Unauthorized permission to copy content from our site may result in legal action. If you wish to copy material represented on our site, please contact Blissful Glo Inc. first, to obtain permission. Many thanks.

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