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How to Embrace Blissful Glo and Walk Your Own Path While Expecting


That means CHOOSING to watch your growing baby on your own, anytimeanywhere in a very conscious way with the Blissful Glo At-Home approach.


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Safety is Our Top Priority

How Does Blissful Glo

At-Home Approach Work:


You Educate Yourself - Watch Blissful Glo Instructional Videos - 30 minutes​

You Rent Blissful Glo At-Home Apparatus for 24 Hours or 5 Days


Safety is Our Top Priority


Watch “Gain an Understanding of Your Growing Baby” video #1 - 13 minute Crash Course about Fetal Ultrasounds.

How It Works

FREE Consultation Call/Text 647.768.9732

Safety is Our Top Priority


Watch "Recap Anatomic Planes" video #2 - 3 minute Summarization of Tomography.

 A sagittal plane divides your baby’s body into right and left sides.

 A transverse plane divides your baby’s body into top and bottom.

 A coronal plane divides your baby’s body into front half and back half

Here is what you'll receive

with Blissful Glo At-Home:


Save/Share Unlimited Amount of Images/Videos of Your Growing Baby in the Comfort of Your Own Home

(Recommended at 15-30 weeks of pregnancy)

The Highest Quality Coaching with 24/7 Support from an Expert - over 15,000 Non-medical Ultrasounds

Free Delivery/Pick Up at Your Home

Free 200mL Blissful Glo Natural Belly Cream

Safety is Our Top Priority

What You Get


Watch "Recap Transducer Orientation“ video #3 - 1 minute.​

Always start with the orientation mark positioned towards your left side or towards your head.

By twisting the transducer you will change the position of your baby on the screen.

View your baby from various angles by positioning the transducer on different areas of your belly.

FREE Consultation Call/Text 647.768.9732

Safety is Our Top Priority

13 Weird and Wonderful Benefits of Walking Your Own Path


1. You’re free to follow your true soul path

2. You’ll innovate and create to your heart’s utmost desire

3. You’ll connect with people who truly support and nourish you

4. You’ll experience tremendous mental, emotional, and spiritual growth

5. You’ll become the person you are destined to be

6. You’ll make a real difference in the life of others

7. You feel more ALIVE

8. Gratitude, excitement, and joy come more easily

9. Many unexpected doors open to you

10. You feel more vibrant and energized

11. You feel a sense of self-respect for courageously pursuing your life purpose

12. You get to experience the thrill of exploring unknown territory

13. You can go to sleep at night feeling happy and content


Watch "Recap Trimester Anatomy” video #4 - 5 minute refresher on how to view arms, legs, heart, umbilical cord and other.

Disclaimer:  It is not guaranteed that you will be able to obtain the perfect image of your baby all the time. Some of the reasons why you cannot achieve the perfect image of your baby are: the placenta is in the way or not enough amniotic fluid, the sound is absorbed by the amount of body tissue and image quality degrades, position of your baby can change every day, every hour, every minute.

FREE Consultation Call/Text 647.768.9732

Safety is Our Top Priority




A very nice experience, a moment much .....



A very nice experience, a moment much .....



A very nice experience, a moment much .....

Why Choose Us

Why Most Mothers-to-be are Terrified of  Walking Their Own Path?


You might be REJECTED by others - You might be gossiped about, thought of in disparaging ways and outright alienated or estranged from other people.

It’s a hell of a lotta work - No one is out there giving you a map, a set of rules, or instructions that tell you what to do. YOU have to be responsible for figuring it all out from scratch.

It’s “too much” RESPONSIBILITY - When you take your path into your own hands, YOU are responsible. There’s no one to blame, point the finger at, whine about, or feel victimized by.


They don’t know where to start - Some don’t even know that there is another path, to begin with. We seem to be raised in cultures that tell us that there are a limited number of paths, aka. the paths that are taught by the big money-making University and College industries.

 Understand and accept that there will be some backlash 

Whether from your friends, family members, or society at large, you will inevitably encounter naysayers.

 Ask yourself, “What do I truly and deeply want?” 

This is not a question you ask just once, this is a question you continuously ask on your path, thousands of times over.

 Question everything 

Being a lone wolf and walking your own path go hand-in-hand with a sharp mind.


 Know yourself 

Strive to learn a little bit more about yourself, your strengths, and your weaknesses each and every day.

 Feel the fear, but act anyway 

Following your heart and listening to your calling is not as sunshine-and-roses as many people make it out to be. 

 Let your wild nature guide you 

You are both human and divine – accept this. Embrace the wild and non-rational part of you that serves as your inner compass.

FREE Consultation Call/Text 647.768.9732

Safety is Our Top Priority

We lead with HEART

Humble, Energetic, Authentic, Remarkable, Transparent.

Mission Statement

To bring authentic, natural products and services to the world.

Vision Statement

To make every human being on planet earth to Glo with natural Bliss.

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